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North Las Vegas

Beautiful North Las Vegas is located just Northeast of The famous Las Vegas Strip in the Sothern part of Nevada. It became a city in 1946. Located in Clark County, Nevada; North Las Vegas boasts a beautifully mild, desert climate. With hot summers and temperate winters, North Las Vegas not only combines this wonderful climate with a stunning landscape, but also diversity in its community.

North Las Vegas also boasts a promising technological industry, including solar tech, manufacturing, and distribution. These industries continue to strengthen, prompting many to choose North Las Vegas as an ideal place for them to live. With about 250,000 residents from a variety of cultures, North Las Vegas provides a rich experience like no other.

Living in North Las Vegas

Living in North Las Vegas may defy all of your expectations and shatter boundaries. It is not rural or a true suburb, but also not a city. With clean roads and a variety of public and private schools, residents have described North Las Vegas as a great place to live and grow up. North Las Vegas is home to the Cheyenne Campus of the College of Southern Nevada.

Additionally, it also includes 5 public high schools with great graduation ratings. With a small community feel, in a populated town, it is very easy to find a sense of citywide pride, and a neighborly atmosphere. North Las Vegas has a variety of options for all age ranges from young professionals to retirees and families.

Things to do in North Las Vegas

North Las Vegas offers a wide variety of things to do including; fabulous dining, special events, outdoor activities, and cultural events, to name a few. Of course, living in North Las Vegas you will be a stone’s throw away from the best nightlife an entertainment in the world. The proximity of North Las Vegas to The Las Vegas Strip truly opens doors to some of the best conventions, concerts, shows and more right at your doorstep.

Real Estate in North Las Vegas

The real estate market in North Las Vegas is incredibly stable for buyers and sellers. For buyers, the area features a wide variety of homes priced lower than many comparable homes in other nearby areas. For buyers, North Las Vegas is a hot commodity. This allows for property to sell quickly.

With a median home price of only $150,500 North Las Vegas can provide affordable luxury for homebuyers. With a high income per capita, it is easy to find luxury in the North Las Vegas area. For first time homebuyers to experienced parties, if you are looking for a new property, the real estate market of North Las Vegas is the perfect place to begin their search for affordable housing in one of the fastest growing communities in the area.

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