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Lake Las Vegas

Located in Henderson, Nevada; Lake Las Vegas is a 320-acre manmade lake surrounded by 3,500-acres of developed area. Often referred to as Lake Las Vegas Resort, this area is currently under development by 5 big-named companies.

This lake is created by a dam, which is a large earthen structure completed in 1991. The lake is settled over the Las Vegas Wash, whose pipes require maintenance every 10 years. To create the neighboring community, two wealthy investors from Texas put $5 billion in the late 1990’s. Since then, the area only continues to grow.

Living In Lake Las Vegas

This desert oasis is a one of a kind living experience. Being close to the brilliant blue lake, and surrounded by mountain ranges- the scenery is incomparable. The total population of 20,000 is equally split between males and females; with an 80% growth since in the last 20 years. With about 8,000 households in the area, the majority of them are occupied by families. Most residents here are married without kids, but you’ll also find many families with children.

The weather embodies a classic dessert climate, with intense temperature fluctuations throughout the year. You’ll experience ranges from 40 degrees F in January, to 100 degrees F in July. It only rains about 5 inches annually, and you’ll enjoy mostly sunshine year-round.

Crime rates in Lake Las Vegas are relatively low compared to the rest of Clark County, with less than 30 accounts of theft or assaults in the past year. This safe environment is a great place for people of all ages to feel comfortable and secure.

With access to affluent grocery stores, restaurants, hospitals, and great schools- you’ll find everything you need here. The social scene is popular and dining and entertainment are common pastimes for locals. This is a place to enjoy the best life has to offer, snuggled in a beautiful location.

Things to Do in Lake Las Vegas

This wonderful location is just overflowing with leisure activities for everyone to enjoy! Here, you can spend expanses of time outdoors enjoying the scenic views and wonderful weather. Golf is a popular sport for the local adults, and state of the arc country clubs offer prime experiences for enthusiasts of the game. For outdoor lovers, you can enjoy hiking and biking trails.

MonteLago Village is home to luxury waterfront restaurants and shops, providing summer concerts, live entertainment, and holiday festivities. Live life on the edge with a multitude of offered water sports; such as flyboards, jetpack, paddleboard, kayaks, rowing, and pedal boats. You can also enjoy the picturesque lake with more relaxing activities such as electric boat rentals and private yacht reservations.

Homeowners can also enjoy easy getaways, by taking a short 25-minute trip to the famous Las Vegas Strip. World-class entertainment coupled with spectacular casino resorts, you can make this dazzling city an often-visited destination. Taste excitement time and time again, it’s only a short car ride away!

Real Estate in Lake Las Vegas

This is an ever-growing location, so don’t hesitate to make your move! New homes are being developed, all embedded in the amazing scenery of waterfront and grassy expanse. The area is broken up into mini-communities, all offering the peak of luxury experience. Options such as ‘The Outlook’, ‘The Peaks’, and ‘Regatta Heights’ offer diverse living options, but custom lots are also available.

With the increased popularity of the area, market prices are on the rise. Median selling price in Lake Las Vegas is $389,500, and the median rental price is $2,397. The market is stable but expected to see a lot of activity with the completion of the current developments.
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