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Boulder City

Boulder City is located in Clark County Nevada. Located 26 miles away from Las Vegas, Boulder city was founded in 1931. Originally Boulder City was home to the workers who build the Hoover Dam, which is also located in the city. Carefully planned fully under the supervision of the government, Boulder City represented an optimistic future for Americans affected by the Great Depression.

Today Boulder city remains anything but depressing. Interestingly enough, Boulder City is one of 2 cities in the state of Nevada that has a ban on gambling. This makes the city a popular option for families who want to disconnect from Nevada’s gambling reputation but still remain within the state.

Living in Boulder City

Boulder city has been described as a superior place to live with an excellent sense of community. With a population of about 15,200 people and a small town charm, Boulder city is known for hands-on community and great school systems and a high graduation rate. Possibly related, Boulder city has a 30% higher income per capita average and an incredibly low crime rate.

Though a city for all ages, in 2009 Money Magazine called Boulder City the 6th best place to retire in the United States. Boulder City truly continues to charm with small-town vibes and community activities, which keep up with an all-American wholesome feel. It is known as a wonderful place to raise a family and call home.

Things to do in Boulder City

Though Boulder city may be known for its small-town feel, it is not lacking in things to do. With a rich local history and community events, Boulder city is full of entertainment. Of course, Boulder city is home to the Hoover Dam, which is a wonderful destination for all! Boulder city has a variety of water-related options including kayaking. Known for outdoor parks and recreation areas, Boulder City just begs for you to take advantage of its beautiful warm climate and mild winters. Of course, Boulder City also has options for indoor entertainment too. There are great retail options including well-known and family-owned retailers.

Indoor fun such as antique depot, bowling, museums, movie theaters, and various clubhouses allow for an option for all. Boulder City is also well known for interactive community events, a town favorite is the annual Christmas tree lighting. Of course, if you ever want a wild night on the town Las Vegas Strip is only about 30 minutes away.

Real Estate in Boulder City

Boulder City has an incredibly consistent real estate market that continues to flourish. With a median home price of around $300,000 and the average rental price $921 Boulder City has been a hot commodity for homebuyers in the last 3 years. Interestingly enough, Boulder City has a 0% delinquent on mortgage percentage. Experts predict in the next year the prices of real estate in Boulder City will rise about 8% making now a great time to buy if you are planning to relocate to the area.

If you are a seller, get in touch with your local real estate team and begin preparations to sell in the next 18 months. If you are interested in buying or selling in the Boulder City area, we can assist you in any needs you may have, so contact us today!